TASCAM in ACTION Featured Artist: Gaming on Tap

We're excited to share an interview we recently had with the fine folks at TASCAM. As you may know, we exclusively use TASCAM gear for the recording and production of the Gaming on Tap Podcast. Because of that, TASCAM reached out to us and asked if we'd be interested in being a featured artist.

The fact that we're a couple of newbs and don't consider ourselves "artists" at all, we were skeptical. But after asking multiple times and being assured that this wasn't some sort of prank, we agreed! The interview took place a couple weeks ago at Eight Bridges Brewing Company - a local brewery here in Livermore, California. We talked about the show, why we chose TASCAM, and some of the struggles we’ve been working through as first time podcasters.

Below is the video interview and a small snippet from the article written on the TASCAM site:
Joey Mack, and podcasting partner JDub often spend 90 minutes commuting to work, Mack in the San Francisco Bay Area and JDub in Oregon. The two friends usually call each other during their commutes to help pass the time, and most often they discuss beer and board games. Eventually, they decided to turn their conversations into a podcast, and the Gaming on Tap Podcast was born.
To read the entire article, please visit the official TASCAM in ACTION page.

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