What is Gaming on Tap?

The short answer: The Gaming on Tap Podcast was created as excuse for to two long-time friends to geek out and talk about games while enjoying a delicious beer.

The long answer: Both of us are victims of the long work commute - often times spending over 90 minutes to travel only 25 miles into the office. Most mornings we end up calling each other to help pass the time and, more often than not, ultimately end up talking about games. We discuss what we're looking forward to, which ones we're backing on Kickstarter, and what we're bringing to the table this weekend. JDub always insisted that if there was a way we could capture our morning conversations, he believed a few people out there might actually enjoy listening. And so The Gaming on Tap Podcast was created.

But wait, there's more...

If there's anything we love as much as gaming, it's beer. And to celebrate this frosty beverage, we kick off each episode by introducing a new one and offer up our impressions. Spoiler alert: We're not picky. Then it's on to the real start of the show - games.

We realize that the gaming community is massive and there are countless podcasts and programs that spend hours analyzing and dissecting games better than we ever will. We absolutely love those shows! That said, we also know that's not the type of podcast we want to produce. Our goal is to deliver light, conversational episodes with a refreshing finish that can be consumed in a single sitting. We pick one game that we've been playing recently and casually talk about why we like it. Our philosophy is that we won't spend any more time chatting than it takes for us to (slowly) savor the beer we pour at the beginning of the show.

We hope you join us on this little podcasting adventure and find that our show offers something fun, unique, and personal. You may even discover a new beer worth checking out along the way.

Who is Gaming on Tap?

Jay "JDub" (co-host)
The brainchild behind Gaming on Tap, JDub is a huge board game fanatic and has been trying to convince Joey to start a gaming podcast for the past 3 years... He finally broke him down. JDub prefers a good Euro and lately has been leaning toward engine builders. During the day, JDub is mild-mannered graphic designer.

Joey Mack (the other co-host)
Once upon a time, Joey gave birth to a number of various blogs and YouTube ventures to varying degrees of success, but this is his first foray into podcasting. His love of board games began back in college after a friend introduced him to The Settlers of Catan. By day, he does "marketing stuff" at a Silicon Valley tech company.

Eric (the announcer)
Eric, self proclaimed "better half" of the Cracker Brothers duo, has lent his audio talents for nearly every single Joey Mack creative endeavour. Coincidentally, he's also the only singer, songwriter, musician that Joey Mack knows. Between 9-to-5, Eric acts as a high-level businessman for a pro-audio company.

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