Support the Show

First things first. The Gaming on Tap Podcast is 100% free and will never accept any financial contribution. You'll never see see us soliciting for donations with a PayPal button, a Patreon link, or a Kickstarter campaign. We won't sell you a shirt, a mug, or any other ridiculous tchotchke to make a quick buck. We didn't start this podcast with the absurd notion that this is our ticket to an early retirement. Adding to that, we didn't start this podcast with the naive expectation that anyone but ourselves would actually listen, nor any game publisher or brewery willing to send their wares to get coverage. Quite the contrary. Some call us pessimist. We prefer realists.

So why produce this show? After all, we're not professional broadcasters - although we do both have faces for radio. Jay may try to convince you otherwise. But believe me, him too. And while we may not have any experience in audio production, we do have a passion for the subject and the drive to deliver the best show we can. This podcast is something we've been toiling over for the past two years tweaking and tuning into something we're proud of. We're two friends that genuinely love beer and board games and want to share that with anyone willing to listen.

So if you don't want my money, how can I possibly support the show?

You're already doing it! Just continue listening to the show. If you like it, tell a friend. If you really like it, consider following us on Twitter or Instagram. If you really, really like it, write a review. This is quite honestly the best way to show your support.

No, but really, can I send you our game or our beer?

If you're a publisher or brewery that's had a lapse in judgement and for some reason wants to send us product, my first reaction would be, "Are you sure?". If the answer is still "yes," please contact us via email at "" with the subject line "Contribute to GOT". We'll be happy to check out your game or drink your beer. We can't guarantee that we'll feature your product on the show since we only talk about games and beer we personally like. But if it's something we enjoy, you can bet your butt we'll be all over it!

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